Ike Duckworth–Chapter 34

Learning through revision…yeah, there’s nothing like beating your living head against a gossamer of thoughts in the shape of a story. You’d think it wouldn’t hurt a bit, but it does. The thing is–the further I go with this version, the more wrong it feels. Well, maybe not wrong so much as weak, or maybe, ill-conceived. Off-track. My notes for the next revision stack higher and higher, but the story remains the same and nothing really changes about Ike or Fred, just the mechanics of getting to know them. So, thank you for sticking with me as I learn how to tell my story. And now, back to it…


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Fun with Casa Hector

Casa Hector--Summer to Fall  Casa Hector--Winners & Losers

I did it again. And again. Taking advantage of Etsy’s Treasuries tool, I made two more mini storyboards of the Casa Hector story so far. I like making Treasuries to begin with, but to try to scavenge images that provide mood and plot elements to make a visual story is irresistible. They are: Casa Hector: Summer into Fall and Casa Hector: Winners and Losers. I hope you will take a look and continue to enjoy the novel-in-progress. Thanks for sticking with me!