“In reality, every reader, as he reads, is the reader of himself.”–Marcel Proust


If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now….I love Proust. I am so sad that I am nearing the end of his amazing À la Recherche du Temps Perdu. It’s not quite as long as the Harry Potter saga, so don’t be intimidated, HP fans! But it is exquisite, especially for those of you (and me) who aspire to write.

Over the years it has taken me to read the novel, I have collected about 8 pages of favorite quotes, but the one I found today I may like best. It’s a truism perhaps, but as a beta, I am constantly running into the widely differing visions my fic writers and I have of the very same, solid, printed books authored by JK Rowling. Perhaps it is those individual visions, with their intimate glimpse of the soul beneath, that makes me love the business of the beta. And writers, perhaps you will want to take Proust, the crowned King of Procrastinators, as your patron saint. Of course, you won’t know how true that is until you read these books.

Pick up Proust


Started reading Proust again, which might explain why I decided to post a “memory” story. This is actually the first Harry Potter fanfiction I wrote two years ago, but I hope you will still find it worth reading.

Summary: Twenty years later, Ron thinks back upon the events at Malfoy Manor.

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