It is, after all, an extraordinary thing to take wishing seriously.” –Adam Phillips, On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored

From one of the books I’m currently reading…a different take on psychoanalysis than I am used to seeing.

The Cosmic Joke


“All that we know is nothing, we are merely crammed wastepaper baskets, unless we are in touch with that which laughs at all our knowing.” – D H Lawrence

I am learning to write humor, a very new thing for me, and I’m loving it. The pleasure is due at least in part to stepping beyond the way I have always defined myself, and it requires an acceptance of failure to progress at all. What’s amazing is that I really can do it, can find the voice of another, and embrace the difference. Must be a little of what actors feel, though I don’t really know. Nice for a change to get outside the little wrapper of my skull and see through other eyes.

Here’s to finding the bigger perspective and accepting the freedom in laughter.