Disagreeable Valentine

2016-02-14 HVD

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have what everyone wants, a disagreeable valentine gift. An intense ginger, who seems not at all pleased. That was what you wanted, right? Sorry, but this is all I have this week. I think the brutal cold made my desire to draw hibernate….at least that’s what I prefer to believe.

(media: markers and colored pencil)

Drawing Faces (2)

2016-02-01 IM condensed 2016-02-04 Verkerk

Two of my better drawings of the last week, faces referenced from models Joan Severance and François Verkerk. I employed a certain amount of exaggeration, but I like the results. In drawing this, it seemed I was either on or couldn’t do anything. Shouldn’t drawings of beautiful people always come out well? They most certainly don’t. Some of the fault is pure fatigue on my part: half because I didn’t sleep well most of the week and half because I tend to put off drawing until evening when my best hours are behind me. To make better use of my livelier hours, I started sketching from life again, people loitering on their lunch breaks, but I’ll gather those at another time. It took a few days to get back into the swing of that on-the-move style, but I liked my results after that.

(media: markers and colored pencil)

Recent Drawings

2016-01-16 Scepticism white   2016-01 Two-2 2016-01-03 Adam Driver  2016-01-14 Sirius 2016-01-23 Jumper 2016-01-20 discovered

Here is a selection of my recent drawings in the usual media–pencil, markers, colored pencils–and now I’ve begun dabbling with ink washes. Of course, I’m still obsessing about Star Wars, so much so that I’ve decided to set up a new gallery page for the new and old work. It should be ready in a day or two.

I still find myself short on time when it comes to doing drawings, but more often than not, even with quick sketches, I’m pleased with the results. That feels really good and everything, and shows that three years of daily practice is paying off, but maybe it makes me wonder….is it time to stretch in new directions?

Inspiration from Many Sources

2015-10 Mary Kirk and Manga Girl

multi 1 multi 1_0003

2015-11-2 from Frank Stockton 2015-11-30 from Moebius 2015-12-01 from Skottie Young Oz mini 2015-10-25 Lizella multi 1_0002 dk mini

With my focus lately on wrapping up the Duckworth revision, I’ve not been posting as many of my drawings, but of course I am still drawing every day. There have been the usual ups and downs: late in October I was doing a lot of work I enjoyed, but more recently I’ve been on a downturn. With writing sliding into the back seat for a few miles, I hope to focus more on drawing through the end of the year. To kick off a little more intensity, I decide to post the best of what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been looking to many sources for inspiration: Downton Abbey, Star Trek, manga, people I see around me, Drawing Tutorials Online (especially the work of June and Alex), and the work of Frank Stockton, Skottie Young and Moebius. There are rendered portraits, original characters in several styles, caracatures….just about anything that struck my fancy. I imagine the ideal would be to be very serious and focused, working through various exercises to gain definite skills and improve where I’m faulty, and I hope that day won’t be far off, but for now, what I want to do is have fun when I draw. And that’s what this work is, the fruit of fun.

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; I hope so. I’m trying to learn and so I choose the inspiration I like the best.

(Media: markers, pencil and colored pencils)

Week in Review

2014-04-06 Trixie_0001  2014-04-09 Clement 2014-04-09 pots

2014-04-11 Deadly Class  2014-04-12 Introductions sm2014-04-122014-04-13

Another week of irregular work. No real theme, other than continuing to absorb reference material so one day I can draw my characters on my own. The red-haired fellow and the girl with the sunglasses were my attempts for the week. I’ve been looking at a lot of comics, too, including Wes Craig’s art from Deadly Class and Tony Harris’s drawings in Ex Machina.  I’ve also been inspired by Will Terrell’s sketchbook videos, which hearten me. I felt the opposite from watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi–great film, cool guy, but it made me depressed about my life choices. On the other hand, I finally figured out a bus route and timing that will take me to the Southside on my lunch hour, allowing me to get to Utrecht for art supplies. I’m really loving my new Pigma Brush pen! I actually did a fair bit of exploring this week, which is unusual for me, but much needed.

Week in Review

3 5 2 natural SXP21 girl

It’s been a little while since I rounded up my drawings, probably because I’ve been covering some uneven ground and creating work I’m not sure how to evaluate. Subject matter has shifted, broadened maybe, but I also feel as if I have been more hurried lately. I haven’t written much either, though I have given thought–and a few scribbled sketches–to visually mapping a recent story idea. It’s a stretch for me to think that way, to decide where words and image might unite to build a better story, but it’s where I’d like to be going just now.

Inspiration is flowing in from Twin Peaks, Jayne Anne Phillips short story collection Black Tickets, Boulet’s X-Files drawings on Instagram and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. There’s something about that magical passage between worlds that really appeals to me; I have dreams like that. In fact, I had a somewhat threatening version of that just a few nights ago. You can sure count on David Lynch to help you dredge up all your inner darkness….