Drawings–Learning to Ink

Moebius  Illa

The new inking technique, which I’ve been developing all week… I like these. The style is linear, the form structured by the new hatching style, an exploration of deep shadow, but there is also an element of my old, freer scribble.

This one took me two days to complete.

TM_phase_1 TM phase 2

It’s probably better than almost everything I’ve done before, so I can’t put my finger on why I’m not satisfied with it, but I’m not. Perhaps I’m spending too much time looking at the very skilled work that Jamie Hewlett is posting on Instagram these days, or maybe it’s the miles of images by Moebius and Sergio Toppi that I’ve been ingesting lately that make my work look so milky and anemic by comparison. Posting to Twitter is great for its kudos and positivity, which definitely helps to keep me going, but right now, what I need is a crit and that means it may be time to line up a class for the fall. There’s only so much you can learn on your own by reading, imitation and practice.

I think I need a teacher.



Absence makes…what? It makes us forget.


Trying to keep it all going…the writing is coming on with an amazing character who is taking over a good portion of my brain…what he’s going to end up doing (what I call plot) I am not sure, but he is definitely up to something… conflicted characters in over their heads… mean writer that I am (what I call having fun). Trying to get back to my reading program, too. I’ve been a terrible slacker. Anticipating another great story edit and so am immersing myself in Merlin, the better to grok her fic. Charming so far…

Glad to be back.

Catching Up

The weather acts like it’s April, but without robins and flowers. It’s been a dull, confused season.

Still, I’ve been trying to work a bit on Rattman Road, last year’s NaNo novel–well, I’ve been taking notes and organizing things, at least–and have resumed my Harry Potter readings, carefully making my way through Sorcerer’s Stone at the moment.  Not many surprises there… not that I expected there to be. It’s just fun to be back in the HP world, even a little.

Ever since the last movie was released, it seems that fandom has fallen into a bit of a slumber. (Me, too.) A few writers are still are still prolifically posting fics, thank heaven! I keep toying wth the idea of finishing a few stories, but all I do is re-read them, tinker, and decide they aren’t ready.

A dull, confused season indeed.

NaNo: Day One (2793)

esolomon, Dark Man

esolomon, Dark Man

Working title:  Rattman Road

Target Count:  1667
Actual Count:  2793

Opening day started off with a bang! I expected to struggle with the voice of one of the characters, but instead it turned out that she had a lot to tell me. It’s all pretty well organized and I was able to end the work Hemingway-style, leaving something unfinished so there’s an easy way into the next day’s work.

I need to get ahead, too, because one of these fine days I’m going to get another temp assignment, and it’s always a struggle to work full-time and keep up with NaNo’s pace.

NaNo: It’s that time again

nano 2011I only decided today that I’m going to give NaNo a shot. Writing has been a bust most of this year, so I really wasn’t in a good frame of mind about taking the 50K challenge again. But then I saw all the cool graphics, and I got that familiar feeling that I’d be missing something if I didn’t do it…. What cinched it was that I’ve decided to try to (finally) write a story that my sister and I created 30 years ago and that I keep saying I’m working on now, except that I don’t. Not really; not much. Well, now I have to!

Because losing isn’t an option for me.

I have to write it.

Besides, I’m unemployed again and there are characters and plots and places and scenes and it’s sci-fi so anything goes …it’ll practically write itself! Right?