Week in Review

2014-07-17 Man with phone 2014-07-14 sketches 2014-07-15 from Michelangelo 2014-07-17 from Rodin 2014-07-17 kid  2014-07-18 thumbnails sm 2014-07-19 man 2014-07-19 Nica-face sm 2014-07-19 Trixie 2014-07-20 bacon

I got (slightly) more ambitious this week…the results are mixed. Styles all over the place from life studies to old master copies to doodles from scribbles. Keep drawing…one day, maybe, they’ll be good.

Retro Friday–Watercolor with Rodin (1983)

1983 Rodin1

Rodin 1 (1983)

1983 Rodin2

Rodin 2 (1983)

2014-07-13 Eve

Rodin, Eve (2014)

Rodin (2014)

Rodin, Despair (2014)

My recent rendering of a Rodin statue in pencil and watercolor was a throwback to a style I used back in 1983. I went to the Rodin Museum in Paris that year, and to the wonderful little Rodin collection in Philadelphia not long after. I even copied out extensive notes from the book Art by Auguste Rodin (1912); back then it was harder to track down used copies of books and I didn’t have a lot of money. Here was inspiration.

I can’t identify the statues in those earlier drawings,  though I am fairly sure they are by Rodin. Last night I did another; maybe there will be more. It’s a quick, simple format, but allows for a good study of form–and I want every opportunity to get used to brush and paint again. Besides, I love Rodin’s twisting, sensual forms, the emotional intensity of his work. There’s no ambiguity. Feelings made physical, the spirit becomes visible, and we are given a glimpse of that light inside that makes it all move. It’s what I hope my own work will do. One day.

Week in Review

2014-07-07 quick sketch sm 2014-07-08 Folded 2014-07-09 to 12 sketches 2014-07-10 and 12 shoes and boots sm 2014-07-12 fashion sketches 2014-07-13 Eve

Man, a demanding day job makes it so hard to make progress, but I’m trusting in the process and plodding on. I’m really not satisfied with my work this week. I wanted to do more, but never seemed able to, though as I was trying to also make time for writing, I should have realized the drawing might lose for it.

The second and third images are figures from life, and the first and fourth are from photos. I did a bit more with pencil this week, which sadly doesn’t seem to scan well. All of the shoes and boots are my practice drawings toward an image idea I had related to one of my novels, Duckworth, the one I’m currently revising. And last of all is a pencil and watercolor sketch from a statue by Rodin called Eve After the Fall. I like it. I used to do these decades ago when I toyed with studying sculpture–what didn’t I want to study at one point or other?–and it’s very reassuring to see that I still can.