Week in Review

2015-03-15 moebius  2015-03-14+ toppi 2015-03-14  Noodle2015-03-09 people

I drew more for pleasure than learning this week, and very little on any kind of theme. I looked at Moebius, Toppi and Jamie Hewlett a lot. I find it hard to juggle more than one project when I’m working full time, so, while I continue to draw every day, it’s not always anything very exciting. I wanted to try to write more this year, but that means, in limited time, I am drawing less. It’s a balancing act and one, at the moment, I’m not entirely satisfied with. I’ really not complaining though–it was a good week.

Week in Review

2015-03-07 standing still2015-03-05 in the boat  2015-03-08 manatees_0001

2015-03-04-05 Sharaz-de

A different sort of week for drawing… I tried to do some sketching from life, but I had better luck with manatees and Toppi’s Sharaz-de. What was interesting on both of the pages I drew is that the narrator appears in the panel telling her story. I really like that.

Creative Energies: Week in Review

Toppi sm  2014-11-03 peoples sm2014-11-04 duo sm 2014-11-04 crossed 2014-11-05 sm 2014-11-08 sm (2)2014-11-06 men running 2014-11-09 sm

Ah, the vagaries of creative energy…where does it come from and where does it go?

A week full of desire to work–finally!–but not enough time, never enough time, though I did use more shreds of it than I thought I could. I guess I should just be happy that I have forward momentum again, which surprisingly, I actually do. I’ve been channeling more of my creative energies into cooking and food lately rather than art. My sister got me watching Top Chef, and for some unknown reason, it’s sparked my entire energy level and motivation. Why? Who knows. Drawing still happens on a daily basis, and with a bit more enthusiasm; obviously, I’ve been looking at Toppi and am thinking book characters again. My favorites are the overhead crowd drawing, the dapper gentleman in gray, the crossed legs (men’s trousers and shoes!) and the springy men running.

This week is dedicated to Zach and Kimmie, Art Institute students I met on Monday night, who inspired me with their excitement about the creative possibilities around them. When you can “make someone’s life” with a little kindness, how bad a world can it be?

Week in Review

ADovercoat boy summer dress from Moebius2

Schiele1 Schiele2

These are the main things I’ve been working on over the last few days, although there are doodled people I see on the streets, practice drawings of hands and the Gorillaz characters scattered throughout my journal and on scraps of paper that seem to proliferate wherever I am. Aside from Moebius and Schiele, I’ve also gotten very excited about the work of Sergio Toppi, Bill Sienkiewicz and Kenneth Rocafort. Still reading Harold Speed’s drawing book from 1913 (free download on Project Gutenberg), which is full of all sorts of helpful thoughts on composition, brushstrokes, line quality, and exactly what it is that an artist gives us with his work. Or should. Maybe more thoughts on that later…

Drawings–Learning to Ink

Moebius  Illa

The new inking technique, which I’ve been developing all week… I like these. The style is linear, the form structured by the new hatching style, an exploration of deep shadow, but there is also an element of my old, freer scribble.

This one took me two days to complete.

TM_phase_1 TM phase 2

It’s probably better than almost everything I’ve done before, so I can’t put my finger on why I’m not satisfied with it, but I’m not. Perhaps I’m spending too much time looking at the very skilled work that Jamie Hewlett is posting on Instagram these days, or maybe it’s the miles of images by Moebius and Sergio Toppi that I’ve been ingesting lately that make my work look so milky and anemic by comparison. Posting to Twitter is great for its kudos and positivity, which definitely helps to keep me going, but right now, what I need is a crit and that means it may be time to line up a class for the fall. There’s only so much you can learn on your own by reading, imitation and practice.

I think I need a teacher.