Silent Star

2016-01-12 Lillian Gish

Inspired by the luminous silent film star, Lillian Gish. I recently watched her 1919 film directed by D.W. Griffith, True Heart Susie. It turns out I was familiar with one of the stills from an old film catalog from my college film school days, but I wasn’t aware of which film it was. The pacing of the silent films takes some getting used to, but there was much that was charming in this one.

There’s something about Gish’s wistful child-woman face that I find appealing, so I had to try to draw her. I love the lighting in these old films and publicity photos, and I’ve drawn from them before, namely Marie Prevost (and here and here and here). I believe the still was a publicity shot; if it was from a film, I don’t know which one. I know it isn’t a good likeness of her, but it is a good drawing. I want to try another one soon.

(media: Prismacolor markers)