Week in Review

2014-07-21 seated man 2014-07-23 & 24 Logan Pierce 2014-07-23 thumbnails 2014-07-25 rail2014-07-25 lunch sketch 2014-07-26 Daniel of Unfaithful (2) clean

A difficult week to get much drawing done…super hot early on, which makes it hard to do anything. I just wilt. Then it was days of depression, insomnia and nightmares, totally mush-brain. But the weekend has put everything right. My friend on the job, Susan, came back from vacation with a reference from a show she saw that she thought I’d like. DID I!! It was a piece by Jason Polan, part of his Every Person in New York project. The more I research him, the cooler I find him. I was totally inspired. I even went to the Carnegie Art Museum this weekend–to start my own All the Art in the Museum sketchbook?  I’ll post the drawings I did there soon. It’s been years since I’ve been and I can’t even say why, but I loved it and can’t wait to go back. Except that there’s a show I want to see at the Warhol–Halston and Warhol–and a small show of Degas drawings at the Frick. Between the amazingly mild weather and all of the art and inspiration, this is turning into one of the best summers ever.