NaNo Victory

2009 win NaNoIt’s official–For the fourth time, I have won the National Novel Writing contest with this year’s entry, Wolfgang Did. It was not the exhilarating joy of last year’s novel; for this one I had to fight for every word. I was seriously ill the first week of NaNo 2008, and still the writing made me happy. But it was a comedy about architects–what could be better?

This year was different. I struggled from the start, fell behind and griped a lot, as Greg and Jenn know only too well. Thanks to you two, and your constant check-ins, concern and encouragement, I got this done. I almost gave up this year. You are why I didn’t.

There’s good work in this book. The characters are enigmatic but alive, their predicament existentially unusual in the extreme. Part of the fun for me with NaNo is that you never see what’s coming, just pure, raw creativity splashed across the keyboard. Today, I was energized all day, giddy as I saw the word tallies climb, and I’m really proud right now.

Thanks, all of you, for all your good words and thoughts. It makes a difference. It did for Wolfgang.

NaNo: Day 4

2009 NaNoWord Count Goal:  6668
Actual:                    7061

So far, this has not been my ordinary NaNo experience, if there is such a thing. In previous years, I’ve been pretty strong out of the gate, with ideas coming thick and fast. Not this year. I fell into quicksand on Day Two and have been trying everything to get out of it since then. What seems to be shaping up now is a sort of Post-Modern Deconstructivist hodgepodge full of multi-dimensional characters, by which I do not mean that they are complex, well-crafted individuals, but rather that they operate on several planes of existence simultaneously.

Um, yeah.

Am I out of my mind?

Very definitely.

NaNo always has the potential to take you beyond the pale. And, baby, this one’s out there…