Here I will be posting some of the projects I tinker with on an ongoing basis.

Circle Road–This is the working title for a story I’ve been working on since I was 15 years old; it’s still one of my favorites. In a post-apocalyptic world, a boy sets off on a vision quest. This was conceived as an illustrated story, so there is art as well as text and poetry.

The Demesne Trilogy–A fantasy adventure featuring a female warrior (Against the Dark, Madam Knight, Night of the World). Written many years ago, quite a few of these ideas have surfaced in mainstream fantasy and film, so it is unlikely to ever go further, unless I rework the story profoundly. I may post some of the drawings I made for the story and excerpts at some point.

Facing North—2005 NaNo novel–This story goes way, way back into the 80s, but I decided to use it for NaNo material. You can find Chapter One  here and Chapter Two here.

The Living City–2007 NaNo novel about a schizophrenic girl, her cousin and their messed up families set in my neighborhood. The cousin worked in a video store, it was written that long ago.

Analee–(2008)–A short story based on a dream. Never finished.

Ike Duckworth and the Alienation of Casa Hector–2008 NaNo novel–This is my favorite of my novels–a comedy about architects–but it seems a bit too off-beat to be marketable. In December I did a few character drawings, and I continue to edit the manuscript. The chapters are currently serialized on my blog, a new one every Wednesday and Saturday.

Molloy’s Story–(2009) This story, of a girl who did not receive a Hogwarts letter, but should have, never got very far but I’m still very fond of it. I worked on it every day the summer I was unemployed, switching off with revising Duckworth. It was intended to have illustrations; I have several sketches and studies for the little girl, Molloy Warrick. I set it in the town of Culpeper, Virginia, where I used to live. It never even had a working title, poor thing.

Wolfgang Did–2009 NaNo novel–Weird post-modern deconstructivist meta-story with some very cool elements. I’ve never done drawings of these characters but I could; it’s very visual. You can find excerpts here and here.

Attempting Failure–NaNo novel 2010–Some of my best writing is in this novel.

Malcolm’s life was like a mystery, a question, a riddle. At times, Maggie felt she held it in her hands, a naive, clumsy girl with Venetian glass.She never meant to break it. He didn’t know how to fix it.When all the right answers go wrong, the best strategy may be playing to lose.

Excerpts can be found here and here.

Rattman Road–Another working title using the word “road.” I do like stories that include journeys. This story dates back to 1982 and was created in conjunction with my sister (her drawing of one of the characters is here). I pushed it further during the 2011 NaNo season; this was the last NaNo I did.

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